Automation, Electronics, Mechanical

Design & Build Services

Embedded Controls

Analog, Digital

and Fibre Optics.  

Advanced Controls

Stereo Cartography, advanced control sysem.  

Machine Controls

CNC Control System for milling machine.  


Custom Control

Combining digital control with telecom signaling and fibre optics.  


Video over Fiber

Video on Demand using fibre to the home. Designed for a large telecom company.  

Analog Signal Conditioner

Using digital algorithisms to transform analog signals.


Prototyping electronics

Breadboard design and testing prior to PCB design.


Servo Control

Servo motor control with position and force feedback.


Machine Control

Control system for automated structure forming machine.


Lab Equipment

Custom built Lab testing apparatus.


Data Acquisition

Custom testing rack for data acquisition.


Testing Mechanical Dimensions

Verifying dimensions on prototype mechanical assembly line.


Mechanical Assemblies

Design and Build Mechanical Assemblies using SolidWorks.


Mechanical Jig

Precision Jig for welding.



Precision formed mechanical assemblies.


Electro Mechanical

Complex system with custom embedded control and custom made mechanical transducers and actuators.